How Much Are You Willing to Receive?? RESCHEDULED!

NOW: Saturday, January 27, 1-4 pm

How Much Are You Willing to Receive? How would your life be different…

How much more could you create…

What could you contribute…

How much joy could you be…

…if you were willing to receive

Would you like to find out??

Saturday, January 27, 1-4 pm
1174 Roberts Mountain Road, Faber, VA 22938

Co-Creating a Community of Well-Being

I am willing to facilitate this workshop for four or more people, anywhere in greater Charlottesville.  Beyond that, let’s talk!  We can create greater possibilities for ALL of us.

Co-Creating a Community of Well-Being

Woven from the threads of story, play, sharing, education and healing, this 4 hour workshop invites us all to breathe into the possibilities and magic we can create together for our families, communities and world. What this looks like depends on what each of us is willing to create, invite, release, and BE. ALL WELCOME. Blue pot/suggested sliding scale $40-400. More if you can, less if you can’t.

Aurora Walks Gently, MA, BF, CFMW has been consciously healing, sharing, and exploring community for over two decades. Her work draws upon training and studies including Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurvedic Aromatherapy, Brain Gym®, Al-Anon, Peace Studies (with a focus on indigenous restorative justice), Positive Psychology, Permaculture, and Access Consciousness®. She carries the sacred pipe and pours sweat lodge in the Bear Tribe and Panther Lodge traditions.

Are you abusing yourself? What if you didn’t have to?

What if the most detrimental abuse we ever receive is what we do to ourselves in our own minds without even being aware of it?

Abuse is a very loaded word in our culture, filled with shame and blame, often as much toward the receiver as the giver.

What if we unloaded the word and used it to raise our awareness? How many thoughts, feelings, and emotions have you bought into, without even being aware of it, that are keeping you from being your most magnificent self, living the life you desire, and contributing all that you came here to contribute?

What if there were tools you could use to unwire all those thought patterns — judgments, expectations, projections, beliefs…– that prevent you from being YOU, regardless of where they came from?

What if these same tools could help us clear the impact of the more obvious forms of abuse –physical, verbal, sexual, neglect, generational trauma, prejudice, etc.?

There is a process I’ve done that does just that…there are tools I use every day that began and continue the process.

If you’d like to learn about the everyday tools I use, check out my events page to find out when I’m offering intros, classes, and clearing sessions, or contact me to schedule a private session or host an event.

The process is the Abuse Hold process.  The Access Consciousness® Abuse Hold class I desire to take in September will enable me to facilitate this process. The Choice of Possibilities class I desire to take in August is a prerequisite.

Before you receive the Abuse Hold Process, you need to listen to “The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse” audio 30 times.  You can, however, do it with the volume way down, at night, or when you are doing other things. You can purchase this audio at the following link:

The Original Clearing the Issues of Abuse audio

If you desire to support my offering this service, you can contact me to schedule a session or discuss other means of support. Contact Aurora

This process has had a big impact on me, which is why I desire to make it available to as many people as possible.

Thank you!


Service Packages

So yesterday, I made a public ask on facebook. To those of you who are at this site in response to that, Thank YOU!

Here are some packages I’m currently offering:

Introductory – purchase your first Access Bars® session (1.5 hours, $100) and receive a half hour clearing/coaching session.

Multi – Purchase 4 hours and receive the 5th for free – $300.  You might choose 5-1 hour Bars sessions or any combination of Bars and clearing/coaching.

I’ll be adding more details pretty much every day as I flush out my website…Next task I think is upcoming events.

Have an awesome day!